Description and processes

VARIAX J is the new NC 5-axis interpolated WORKING CENTER with a multi-spindle operating head dedicated to the production of assembled door jambs.

VARIAX J is the solution specifically designed for cutting, milling or drilling operations on 5 faces of elements up to 3000mm long, in a single positioning. It finds its optimal use in the processing of door jambs, flat or assembled.


The innovative construction geometry makes the machine particularly compact and robust, suitable for high speed working operations, even in the presence of major overhangs.

Automatically, VARIAX J performs fast, precise and quality machining with guaranteed repeatability over time.  The multi-spindle head makes the machine extremely flexible for use with significantly higher performance than conventional working centers.

The special workbenches, directly derived from the tried and tested MD JAMB technology, guarantee the automatic and precise clamping of complex elements.

The working space is optimized and the environment clean thanks to the chips and shavings collection system at the bottom of the machine.

All this is supported by powerful parametric 3D programming software with advanced data management functions.


  • High productivity
  • 1 Multi-spindle working unit (no tool change required)
  • Automatic set-ups
  • High quality mechanics
  • Efficient cleaning with dust collection, extraction and waste disposal
  • Simple and intuitive programming with dedicated software
  • Wide customization
  • Proven technology for industrial use, even over several shifts


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